Zachery Morris

My philosophy

This website is to showcase my work and the way of life.  I hope to share the beauty of our land, people and moments, with the idea of my work over all boundaries, and reach the global community whose like minded people chasing their dreams.

I have a dream, a dream of thousands of people becoming one under the big blue sky. Beyond the lies and falsities of TV, beyond the stereotypes and prejudice, beyond greed and exploitation, in my dream a voice will grow louder. A voice of freedom and love and hope, the voice of whose see and understand that our earth is dying, and it needs help, not bombs.

I am no scientist, nor am I a doctor, and neither I possess the skills and the tools of all those who everyday make of their professions a way to save what good is left of us. I am an artist and each day, I chase beauty.Can I make a difference? I believe so. I believe that if I can communicate my love for nature to others through visual expressions, if I can waken awareness, if I can somehow make the silent majority a little less silent, and more understanding, even if I could get just one person off the couch, or down that fence, to raise a voice of his or her own for this world, than I would have made that difference.

My work may say something to you, or nothing at all.In the best of options, these images may become a window into a different, more inspired world. To me photography means to keep dreaming that there is and that has to be a better world out there, away from fences, boxes and hypocrites. A great world made of wind, and rains and stars and endless untouched beauty all around.